Travel arrangements recomendations

  • We recommend that you book your flight to and from Porto city – Francisco Sá Carneiro  airport .
  • If possible try to book your depart at 19 February, after 14h00 if you want to profit the visit to Porto city.


Airport transfer for NOM participants
Concerning Porto – Guimarães transfer (about 45 to 50 minutes) we plan to have direct transfer FROM PORTO AIRPORT only for NOM participants, with the help from the municipality.
We will confirm this situation after having your travel information.


Alternative public transport


There is a direct public transfer from the airport but few per day (50 minutes direct bus).
5h00 | 7h30 | 10h00 | 12h30 | 15h00 | 17h00 | 20h00

The other possibility is to take the Metro (41 minuts)  till the train station in Porto (Campanhã) and then direct train till Guimarães. (1h)


If people only can get trip to Lisbon they can get the domestic flight  Lisbon-Porto (1h) | maximum 30€; almost 1 each hour, and the transfer at Francisco Sá Carneiro  airport (Porto).

or Metro from Lisbon airport to train station Oriente (3 stops)  + direct train (Lisbon Guimarães – 4 to 5 hours) from 27€ to 34€