Solar Energy: a green solution for a green future

Neoen is a French company located in Portugal, more specifically Coruche,  that has as it’s main objective to produce electricity to power up the Ribatejo region using photovoltaic panels.

To achieve the values of approximately 3,2 GWh of produced energy, Domingos Morgado (and the members of it’s crew) have a set of rules and ways to be succeeded in the market of sun energy. This company has 18.360 modules that covers a surface of 6,03 hectars in the county of Coruche and uses 4 inverters as a way of converting AC in DC (alternate current to continuous current). As a green industry Neoen, is able to reduce the emission of CO2 in 1000 tons per year.

The energy produced supplies Ribatejo area and has the capacity to cover over 2000 homes in the region.

Example of one photovoltaic cell

Even though solar energy promotes sustainability the truth is that after 25 years using these materials, the solar panels starts to lose productivity until they are no longer  used. The life expectancy of a solar panel is around 40 years and after this time, they can not be recycled and they go directly to the garbage. This process has to be rethought in an ecological way, but the reality we face nowadays is that this procedure is bad for the environment since the compounds in this solar panels can pollute the ecosystem.

Coruche is a rural space suitable for the needs of this type of production because it has a lot of  available fields to implement a  solar panels system and a huge period of sunlight.

The investment in Solar energy has a good role in the achievement of a green future, but it has also some disadvantages related to the short life of this equipment and his recycling.

Georgios Ntinopoulos, Marie Pavia, Susana Rita, Tomé Quadros , Tuna Kisaaga