Let´s Protect Nature, It Is Our Treasure

Ecological catastrophe in Lovnica river (Rožaje, Montenegro), floods left deep “scars” on the surroundings of the river, revealing serious pollution and the danger of the ecosystem. Waste on the streets of Camarate (Loures, Portugal), cigarettes or waste isn’t placed in recycling bins, may end up in local rivers, as it happened in Lovnica. If we don’t reuse, recycle or compost, waste will end up in a landfill, that release polluting gases, contaminate soils and sometimes lead to forest removal. Let´s educate ourselves: Less waste, less discard, less consume and more circular economy. In 2024 we shouldn’t have photos like these.


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André Bonfim, Emanuel Conceição, Joana Fabião , Joana Almeida , Marta Gomes , Matilde Antunes, Sara Salgado , Cikotić Lamija , Zejnelagić Sajm, Darija Nurković , Pepeljak Hana, Matija Đukić, Prentić Sanel, Pepić Fatima , Bakir Tahirović, Hana Zejnelagić