Eating well versus Responsible Consumption

Responsible food consumption means Respect towards food, based not only on the balance of different nutrients and components we choose but also on avoiding waste. It involves not taking more than we can eat, not purchasing more than we will consume as well as reusing our kitchen leftovers. Earth's resources are finite and taking care of them is a daily mission; the 5Rs should become part of everyone's routine.

The Video consists of four major sequences- An introduction sequence , the interviews interconnected with recorded food and food waste footages  and the end sequence .

The introduction sequence aims to introduce the topic and was filmed in a studio, where we talk about what responsible consumption is.

The  interviews give voice to experts and focus on healthy eating versus fast food. The Slovenian interviews were pre written, sent to the interviewees and later filmed. The Portuguese interviews were recorded directly using Zoom as students were not at school attending classes due to COVID .

The end sequence was shot by the Portuguese team.  The objective is to relate to food waste and leave a message to the viewers: we have an option,  five rules to follow –  the five R’s. RETHINK, REFUSE, REDUCE, REUSE or REPAIR and RECYCLE.

 The Portuguese and the Slovenian teams discussed the layout of the video, agreeing on the sequences to be included. The questions for interviews were also decided as a group.

Class 11CT3 - esc. Sec. de Caneças, Andrej Matjasic, Anja Babic, Jure Grasak, Lea Grabrijan, Maj Marijan, Nejc Mohar, Simon Bajuk, Tit Jaklič