Tema JRA: Cidades e Mobilidade

Porto and Istanbul, a Sustainability Paradise

Porto and Istanbul, a Sustainability Paradise

Both some of the cleanest cities in their respective countries, Porto and Istanbul are an example of how to become a clean city.

Nature tourism in Lousã: a glimpse into the past

Benefiting from the idyllic scenery of the Lousã saw, nature tourism is highly popular, having experienced a post-pandemic boost. Mainly found in the area surrounding the Schist Villages, this category of tourism is characterized by responsible traveling that aims to conserve the environment, involving activities in the countryside and the improvement of local welfare.

“Think Globally, Develop Locally’’

At present times, the balance between nature and society is harder to find and many people start to think on how to attain such a thing, advocating for sustainable development. Some of those people, the Silveira Tech Regeneration Village staff, are building a regenerative and technologically advanced community in an abandoned village, located in Serra da Lousã, Portugal.